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WES Training.


Invest in your goals

Scientific research tells us that people who set concrete goals for themselves and act on those goals are often happier and more successful compared to those that don’t. Yet a lot of people spend very little time on formulating their goals. It seems to be a waste of time. Why not just start right away? Because if you travel without knowing where you’re going you will find yourself on a very long road. Maybe you want to finish your study, start your own company, drive a nice car or lose weight? That all starts with formulating a concrete goal.


What is goal setting?

In the 70s a group of 100 fourth year students were asked whether or not they had a written down plan in relation to their career. Of the 100 students, 3% had written down their plan. Twenty years later the same students were tracked down to observe the results. It turned out that the 3% rated their lives as happier than the 97%. The other interesting result was that the 3% earned more money then the 97% put together. There’s not much you can say against that. Bruce Lee wrote himself a letter in 1969 in which he declared that he would be the best paid Asian actor and that he would have $ 10.000.000. Arnold Schwarzenegger had similar goals and wrote that he would one day be a governor and best paid actor. Those goals have become facts.

Conditioned by society: fact or fiction

As a children we start of as blank slates. Yet throughout life we are ‘programmed’ by our environment and society to fill certain roles. For example, the role of boy, girl, student, mother, husband, director and so on. We learn to think and act through these different roles. Our perceptions and behaviors are ‘colored’ and conditioned. For the most part this happens subconsciously. Are you truly aware of what is possible for you in life? Do you have it in you to let go of certain thinking patterns and be open for new possibilities?

Dare to Dream

Every human being has unique core qualities. That means you do too. What are they? What are your dreams? What are your ambitions? Where is your passion? What does success mean to you? In order to be successful you have to first look inside. To whom you truly are. Your personal capacities, motivations and power. This is the first step distinguish yourself from others and actually contribute to your personal success, your environment and with that society. In this, you can be very ambitious. Why not? You decide your career and success.

Action, please!

Do you really want to mean something for yourself and others and do you know what you want to achieve? Then you will have to step out of your comfort zone and take action. Because knowledge without action has no value. A wonderful book on the shelf is great. But if no one does anything with knowledge in it, then its just another book on the shelf. It’s the same for your life. If you want to get our whats in it, then the only way to do so is by doing. So get going!


WES Public Speaking

When you want to build a house, a big house, a small house or a cottage somewhere you want to build it in a safe way. That is why you need an architect and a contractor. They make sure that you build a good foundation for you to live in a safe house for a long time.

The Public Speaking Architect will do exactly the same regarding your Public Speaking or for you to prepare for a job interview, an assessment of a positive evaluation with one of your employees. You need a foundation to be able to that correctly.

To speak in front of big audience you can use the WES Method techniques. This method has been developed from a large experience of more than 6000 performances by the Public Speaking Architect. A master storyteller, entertainer, nusician and dancer. Winston knows all about stage performance and group dynamics and he will share his knowledge with you when you use the WES Method. Your foundation will be wider and more solid so you will be able to build higher levels and become excellent at public speaking and you will also have more influence on your audience and determine the outcome of your presentation.

As a sales professional you will sell more with the WES Method. When applying for a job you know what to say and when to say it when you are in an assessment so yuo will secure the new position.

We have plenty of examples of successful people who have been trained by the Public Speaking Architect and they used the the WES Method to be successful. You can use the Public Speaking Architect in many settings to build your foundation and higher levels to make you stand out and be better than the rest because you will improve you communication IQ! Build you financial, materialistic and spiritual success sky high with the Public Speaking Architect.


PSMC 2017 serie

Sales & Negotiation

Experience the different solutions for more effective sales meetings and get more results from your negotiations with customers, collegues, partners or in a job interview. Learn how you can maximize the results in a nay give situation and present yourself, your organisation or products and services in the best way you can!

Sales and negotiation 23 april 2016

Zou jij met zelfvertrouwen een professionele presentatie willen geven voor een grote groep mensen? Wil jij met succes jouw verhaal kunnen vertellen aan jouw klanten? Dat kan nu!

ebook_winston1Weet je nog hoe het was toen je op school de eerste presentatie moest geven van je leven. Angstzweet, niet meer uit je woorden kunnen komen en dagenlang voorbereiden! Je was totaal niet bezig met de houding die je moet aannemen en ook niet hoe je stem het beste kunt gebruiken zodat je je medeleerlingen bij de les kon houden.

Je was eigenlijk alleen maar bezig met de angst voor het presenteren zelf. En dat is heel jammer want het is leuk om met zelfvertrouwen voor een groep te kunnen staan en je verhaal te kunnen doen waar mensen naar willen luisteren.

We hebben het allemaal moeten leren door ervaring. Dat geldt ook zeker voor mijzelf. Ik heb de laatste jaren zoveel presentaties gedaan en elke keer als ik een seminar of training geef, heb ik een leermoment. Je leert door het doen en ik kan je helpen om met een aantal simpele stappen jouw leerproces te versnellen.

Bekijk deze video over de WES methode nu het nog kan! Dit aanbod is slechts beperkt geldig tot ….. En daarna zal deze video alleen beschikbaar zijn voor leden.



Are you ready for your future?

Scientific research has shown that people who set specific goals for themselves and act upon these goals are happier and more successful than people who do not specify their goals. Your personal success therefore begins with specifying your goals. But how do you realize your goals? That is what you will learn during the GOALS EVENT TASTER. You will experience how you can take specific action to make your dreams come true and realize your ambitions.

Who is it for?

Maybe you are graduating soon, or you are starting your own business or you want to get a promotion at your job? Or maybe you are facing another important decision in your life? The GOALS Event is for ambitious students, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to get more out of their personal and professional life. For people who successfully want to set out their careers and futures and who want to learn how to realize their dreams and ambitions.


The following questions and subjects will be addressed during the GOALS Event:

  • How do we see reality?

  • How are our perceptions and behaviors being conditioned?

  • What are (mostly subconscious) limiting thoughts and decisions?

  • How do you achieve personal, material and financial growth?

  • How to communicate efficiently and effectively

  • How to reach your goals, step by step

  • How to visualize your success


After the GOALS Event:

  • You will have a clear vision of what you want to achieve

  • You are an important step closer towards realizing your ambitions

  • You are aware of your potential and capacity

  • You will know how to get to your goals, step by step

  • You will make conscious choices towards your success

  • You will take specific actions towards realizing your dreams
  • You will be able to do what you have always wanted!


Do you want extra comfor for just €50 more? Six reasons to be a VIP:

1. Reserved parking space

2. Special reception area

3. A hostess will be at your disposal

4. Welcome drink and snack

5. First rows reserved seating

6. Special snacks and drinks during the entire day

More information?

For more information on the GOALS Event you can call +31 (0)70 345 44 32 or e-mail us.


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