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Improving presentation and communication skills:

“Winston is a very friendly, honest with a great personality. Winston is very direct and thorough making his feedback of great value. This training has helped me a lot and he has given me some great new insights on how to improve my presentation skills. I felt sorry when the program finished because there was so much more that I could’ve learned from Winston!” Marcel Wentink- Agis Insurance Company

“Winston Scholsberg works very fast and efficiently and he was able to incorporate the information I gave him into his program perfectly. i felt very comfortable during his training sessions mainly because of his warm and open personality. I discovered a creative way to connect with my audience. Time flies by and after two hours I really wanted to learn more.” El Rahmani Majoor – Deputy Brigade Commander Royal National Guard

“Winston is our main coach for the many different activities in our network organization The Other Network and Young Global People. He has done a number of workshops and training programs for us lately improving our presentation skills. Winston is a true professional and it’s very nice to work with him because he’s one of the most honest people I know.” Melvin Tjoe Nij Manager Young Global People & The Other Network

“I was at one of your lectures last Wednesday in The Hague and you really inspired me! I noticed that I am more consciously doing things when teaching my class, that is truly amazing!” Sanne Jones Student and Teacher at Startpunt The Hague

“Yesterday I went to a meeting of the PABO in The Hague and I asked Winston if the children would notice that I would suddenly connect better with my group as a teacher. Winston was very curious how the children would react and I can honestly say; they did! There is much more I eye contact and I’m also shaking hands every morning welcoming everybody to the class. I have had no response on improving my eye contact but I did notice that the group was quiet and more involved with the program of that day. Personally welcoming everybody to the class each and every morning was definitely noticed bye the parents. Some of the children really benefit and grow immediately and especially those children that normally do not stick out. Everybody’s radiant and feels really comfortable. Unfortunately however I have to agree with what you said in the training sessions. The children change unconsciously but do enjoy the progress. Thank you so much for a very nice meeting and I do hope that they incorporate these kind of sessions more often into the educational program.” Jessica Donia Student PABO

“I have met Winston on a convention in Amsterdam attending one of these workshops about Improving presentation skills with passionate storytelling. I was so enthusiastic that I decided there and then to book one of his training programs immediately. This really took a large cut out of my budget but I’m very happy to realize that this program gave me so much to build on in my future career. I have really improved on my presentation skills and Winston also gave me some great tips and tricks to communicate more effectively. This program helped me get my ultimate dream job at Unilever. I was selected out of 2000 potential candidates! Last but not least Winston gave me another focus on life making me want to set my goals more clearly and achieve them fast and effectively. I fully support this great coach and I will definitely attend the 2010 Goals Event. One thing I’ve got to tell you, this is just the beginning, the sky is the limit!” Machiel Monnikhof Employee at Unilever

“We have been working with Winston for the last three years now and he has always been able to incorporate current issues in his program. The last two workshops where about leadership and communication. He involves everybody in the group and his feedback is welcomed by everyone. Winston focuses his feedback on attitude, behavior and communication skills. Students learn from each other and evaluated this program as one of the best we’ve had so far. One student stated that she now had a very clear view of the way she wanted to be teaching. She wanted to be in control and send out that energy to the group!” Betsy Wink Teacher & Coach PABO in Emmen

“At first I didn’t believe my presentation skills needed improvement, however when I attended Winston’s workshop at the Diversity Works Event I definitely changed my mind. He teaches you how to get the message across and more importantly how to present yourself in the most complete way. This is what you do every day and Winston knows how to coach you on those details that actually make a difference! Be prepared for change!” Jemma Hale Business Development Professional BT Global Services

“Winston’s coaching sessions help you develop and become more conscious of the negative thoughts and opinions which are influencing you every day. Bad experiences change your attitude and this program teaches you how to rediscover your passion. Together with Winston you will find the sore spots and learn how to deal with anger and fear to eventually effectively let go by taking control. When you have finished these coaching sessions you are consciously shaking hands, you know how to make a good first impression and you fully aware of you appearance. This program has taught me to recognize potential conflicts during interventions and how to deal with them accordingly.” Norma Alberg Coach & Supervisor at NLP



“Winston has to go on an enviable talent and he knows how to capture his audience. This Coach, trainer and storyteller is a true Master Storyteller.” Guido Castagna Spits Magazine

“We all agree that this training program was very successful!” Teacher at Prinses Juliana Elementary School

“The characters are funny and very real and also the storyline is a lot of fun. The children were very involved and everybody participated. Winston knew how to catch their attention at the right moment and everybody was quiet!” Groupteacher

“When is the next one? We can do this every week!” Teacher Oosterweide Elementary School

“Winston really connected with the students and the children were very involved in the play by asking questions, participating in moves, singing songs and Winstons sense of humor. They were actively using their voice contributing to their game skills. This was a lot of fun and very educational!” Teacher at St. Aloysius Elementary School

“The children had a great Laugh with Winson and they talked about the play for hours and hours. Everybody was very enthusiastic about the way Winston performed and all the teachers really enjoyed this program.” Teacher at St. Aloysius Elementary School

“The children were quiet and mesmerized immediately. They participated with a lot of enthusiasm and it was a lot of fun for them to sing-along, dance and move around. It was a very lively play and I do believe that was the main reason for the children to be able to focus so well. Driving back I looked at lots of happy faces and they just could not stop talking about it! The next day parents came to me with enthusiastic stories they had heard. The children really had a great time! ” Teacher at St. Aloysius Elementary School



“Winston reached a lot of people at last Friday’s MultiJam. Everyone was enthusiastic! I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I deeply respect your talent.”

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