Introducing the WES-method at NAKS



I have been invited by the NAKS organization to introduce the WES method on an event for young professionals and enterpreneurship. The introduction was a great success. Here are some of the positive reactions:

“The WES method communication training by Winston  Scholsberg is great!!! It’s very interactive… bou’re not bored for a second!” Darell K. Geldrop

“Winstons Scholsberg is a great and passionate trainer and coach. He lifts people to become more. He is from the international trainers I know shortly on the top of the very best, because he let’s his participants grow with tools and by unleashing the potential with in them.” Ray Jong

During my stay in Surinam I have done a number of workshops and events of which I will inform you over the next couple of weeks. Right now I am focusing on introducing the WES method to organizations and different networks in Surinam. Helping people improve on their presentation skills and develop tools that they can use to achieve their personal and business goals.