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Are you ready for your future?

Scientific research has show that people who set specific goals for themselves and act upon these goals are happier and more successful than people who do not specify their goals. Your personal success therefore begins with specifying your goals. But how do you realize your goals? That is what you will learn during the GOALS Event 2013 and 2014. You will experience how you can take specific action to make your dreams come true and realize your ambitions.

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Workshop ‘Story telling as Business Tool Basic’

A presentation brought with passion is a convincing story.
Many people have trouble delivering a presentation or speaking in public and in front of a group of people. Raging nerves, trembling knees and sweaty foreheads… you recognize this? Maybe. But is it necessary?

Not al all! The WES-methode® of GOALS Academy teaches us that every one is able to give a convincing and successful presentation. No matter the background, age, education or work experience. This means you too can do it!

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Workshop ‘Storytelling As Business Tool Advanced’

Measurable results, efficient cooperation and good leadership are key ingredients for communicating effectively.

Storytelling as a Business Tool Advanced is very important in today’s world. We communicate with so much more than just our words. Scientific research has shown that about 80% of our communication consists of non-verbal communication and that this way of communicating is the strongest way of getting your message across. An important skill to have, for both your personal as well as your professional life. Tell your story and make an impression in 60 minutes. Learn how to connect to your audience in any situation.

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Workshop ‘Story Telling as Business Tool Master’

Discover the most powerful communication tool and management instrument there is!

A good story is a strong instrument. Look at Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Warren Buffet, John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama. There is nothing stronger than the stories that people share, connecting them to each other. In business a good story can close a deal. In a business environment facts and numbers seem to be the important thing, but facts and numbers are subjective, don’t give the whole picture or are too complex to grasp. During this workshop you will learn how to convince people in another, deeper and more direct way.

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Tell a story that is relevant for the viewer and the listener!

In today’s media age consumers are often the journalists and communicators themselves. In your personal of professional life you might find yourself in a situation where you have to deal with the media, maybe even on a regular basis. What do you do when you are unexpectedly confronted with a camera? Or when a reporter pays you a visit? Or when you have to contact the media for some reason. How do you make sure you get your message across and more importantly, get it across the way you want to?

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Winston the Trainer…

Winston is able to involve every individual at his coaching sessions and pay attention to each and everyone individually.

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Winston the Master Storyteller…

Experience how Winston enjoys telling his stories and be inspired by his energy!

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Winston the Coach…

Helping managers setting goals, realizing them and improve presentation skills.

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People without conscious goals are less successful!

Blog posts


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Videos and articles

Pictures speak louder than words so check out these videos of Winston on the job. See for yourself how this inspirational speaker holds the attention of the public and how he addresses managers, detainees, entrepreneurs, directors, students and professionals. Visit the videos and articles page.

Winston Scholsberg in Sp!ts Magazine: ‘You are responsible for the mood the audience is in!’


Winston is a very convincing trainer and coach because he started his career in the entertainment business. Now he shares his years of experience as a drummer and master Storyteller with his audience. Winston connects with his audience in every show making everyone feel involved. He is now travelling in Benelux and South America sharing his knowledge and talents. Not forgetting engagements through Winston’s Muziekschool with Multijam and music teaching.

Winston is very fast and efficient. He was able to incorporate my information in the new training program. He made me feel very comfortable because of Winston’s warm and open personality.
El Rahmani Majoor Deputy Brigade Commander Dutch Royal Guards
Winston is very professional and it is very pleasant to work with him because he’s one of the most honest people I know.
Young Global People & The Other Network, Melvin Tjoe Nij

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